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Terms of service

This statement governs the terms of service between you, the user, and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Parent Portal. By using The Southern Health Parent Portal you agree to the following statement:


Your privacy is important to us, for this reason we have designed a privacy statement which will outline how we protect your privacy. We ask you to read this statement so that you can make an informed decision regarding creating your account.

Sharing of Information

The Southern Health Parent Portal is designed so you, as the user, have complete control over who you connect with and what information you share with them.


Whilst the Southern Health Parent Portal sits on a secure platform, and the chance of a data breach is very unlikely, we cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of the Southern Health Parent Portal. As the user you will need to make sure your login in details are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. You will also need to be aware of your surroundings, and we advise you to only login to your account when you are in a private space.

Setting up your account

When setting up your account you must agree to the following information:

  • 1. that you will not provide false information;
  • 2. that you will keep all your information updated;
  • 3. that you will not share your login details including your password with anyone;

4. that you will respect other users, including NHS staff, at all times.


If you violate the spirit of this agreement the Southern Health Parent Portal can suspend or terminate your account. This decision will be sent to you via email or you will receive a notification the next time you try to enter your account.

Other Applications

The Southern Health Parent Portal does contain links to other applications which are not owned or controlled by Southern Health. Southern Health cannot take responsibility for the content or general practices of these applications.

Changes to Agreement

This agreement may be updated from time to time. In this event, the Southern Health Parent Portal will always notify users of the changes and ask for your ongoing consent.